President’s Message – 2022

Happy June CCSHRM Members!

This month I’d like to talk about the process of sourcing presenters for luncheons and other events.  As a board, we do our best to find topics that are relevant and interesting for our members.  While the board members are diverse and from different career backgrounds, we don’t always hit the mark.  Therefore, we ask for feedback from you, the audience, each month.  At times we get a lot of good feedback that can help guide us to finding in what you’re interested hearing about.  Other times, we get very limited feedback.

So, I am asking – should there be anything you feel we are missing, anything you feel you’d really like to learn or hear more about, please let us know.  You can reach out in a variety of ways, including email, the luncheon feedback link, or in person.

We’ve planned the remainder of the year with the topics listed below.  If there are overwhelming requests for other topics, we can certainly attempt to pivot, or add an evening session if needed.
We value your opinions and your membership to our chapter.  It is very important to all of us on the board that we meet your needs.  We are here to serve you and only want to do what’s best for the group.  Sometimes we may not meet the majority needs, but we’d like to attempt to do that as often as possible.

Lastly, if you are lucky enough to see or know a dynamic presenter that has a relevant topic, please feel free to pass that information on to a board member and we will absolutely explore booking that individual for the future.  And, as always, if you should have any interest in joining the board, please reach out to a current board member for information.

Thank you for your support!

  • June Topic – Coaching, Mentoring and Feedback
  • July Topic – How to Conduct “Stay” Interviews and How They Can Help Retention
  • August Topic – How to Discipline a “Bad” Manager
  • September Topic – Safety Within Organizations
  • October Topic – Diversity Month – How to Recognize Micro-Aggressions
  • November – Consumer Privacy Compliance (Biometric requirements)

Melissa Sing
CCSHRM President

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