Shalon Anderson
Kimberly Smith
Rhonda May
Aaron Phanco
Administrative Director
Rodney Roque
Dennis Claiborn
Sam Munson
Legislative Director
Timothy Conboy
Nune Krboyan
Communications Director
Marketing Director
Student Liaison
David Gonzalez
Community Relations Director
Marisol Montano
Workforce Readiness Diversity Director
Brandi Williams


Membership Committee

Under direction of the Membership Director, the Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining all membership information. Respond to all inquires pertaining to membership and forward packets of information to interested parties. Contact potential members and work to retain current members. Present all applications of membership to the board for approval and notify the applicants of the board’s decision. Maintain the database of all current members and also members that have dual membership with SHRM. Responsible for updating and distributing the new Membership Directory. Responsible for invoicing members annually for their dues. The Membership Director will introduce all new members at the monthly meeting and will be responsible for ordering and maintaining the name badge holders for the members use at the monthly luncheon meetings.

Diversity Committee

Under direction of the Diversity Director, this committee provides technical expertise and program leadership on issues that impact workplace diversity, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and other related topics to the membership through the Board of Directors.

Legislative Affairs Committee

Legislative Affairs Committee assists in expanding and maintaining a legislative advocacy program. Under direction of the Legislative Director, is responsible for monitoring and evaluating legislative, regulatory, and judicial actions, which may have an impact on the management of human resources, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors, based upon such evaluation and input from members, regarding official positions they should take on the issues. This will be accomplished through educational activities in order to provide members with accurate and timely information enabling them to assess the importance of proposed legislation. The Committee will also work to encourage members to actively support public policy reflecting the use of sound and ethical human resource management practices and to guide the direction of the human resource profession through continuing communications with their legislators.

Career Development Series Committee

Under direction of the Chairperson, Career Development Series Committee, is responsible to advance the human resources profession by identifying, recommending and providing to members current and emerging practices and technologies that enhance individual and organizational performance through human resources development strategies and practices. Will schedule speakers and assist them with presentations and communication tools, as needed, obtain facilities, develop marketing tools for each event, and maintain the enrollment process. Will receive input from membership to ensure that topics are timely and that events were successful.

HR Professional of the Year Committee

Under direction of the Chairperson, HR Professional of the Year Committee, is responsible for the successful planning and execution of the HR Professional of the Year Award program conducted in January of each year. Will distribute and collect nomination forms, select winner, source and purchase awards, obtain biographies on nominees, coordinate publicity in conjunction with CCSHRM Community Relations Director, schedule speaker, and develop and distribute program for day of event.

Program Committee

Under direction of the Vice President, the Program Committee is responsible for the planning of the monthly CCSHRM luncheons. The Committee will solicit information from the membership as to their program needs and develop an annual list of luncheon topics. They will select monthly luncheon speakers, contact them about availability, discuss the information that they would like the audience to receive, and convey logistical information. The Committee may also write biographical information on the speakers, and present this for the newsletter and /or to other media outlets for luncheon marketing.

Note: *Other committees may be created as required for special projects and/or events*

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