President’s Message – June 2020

There is one thing we can always count on – CHANGE. We cannot avoid change; it’s going to happen whether we like it or not. Many people spend a great deal of effort trying to avoid change, but it inevitably catches up to us. Sometimes it’s all too easy to become fixated on events over which we have no power, or people who might never change their actions or attitudes.

We have all experienced a lot of change in 2020 (and will continue for an unknown amount of time) and has undoubtedly brought on a lot of uncertainty in our personal and work lives. Many of us have probably experienced the insecurity that comes with it and it might feel like as soon as we get used to one thing, things change again.

We’re often scared of change because we’re afraid of the unknown. When a change occurs (especially a big change like COVID-19), it’s important to figure out how much control over the situation we really have. Understanding this can help us put things into perspective. By accepting there are things beyond our control it is likely to bring some peace of mind instead of waging an unwinnable war.

If we view change as an opportunity to learn and grow, be flexible, focus on positives (no matter how small they might be), we can turn these circumstances into ones that are more successful. If the change is within our control, effective strategies include focusing on the problem at hand, developing a plan of action, and asking for advice.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when a change is big or there’s too much change happening at once. This is when we might consider asking friends or family for help or support. Sometimes even a phone/video call or chatting online can help us feel more connected.

Regardless of what happens at work, or with family or friends, if we try to do our part to make things a little bit better, those uncertainties in life can be turned into good, positive experiences. As we go through these changes and our attempts to make things better, we learn from it and can do better the next time.

We know….change is inevitable. We can always count on it!


Rhonda May, President

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