President’s Message – May 2020

Here we are in May and spring is upon us. Many of you are working remotely and I hope you have had a chance to enjoy a different view where you set up your workstation. I know many of you are in the trenches of keeping up with all the employment-related regulations, guidelines, policies, and laws. As your Board President, I am committed to providing you as much information as possible to help guide you through this maze and ever-changing environment. I’d like to share a couple of recent articles I found interesting.

Some recent information to share with you is how SHRM is working with CEOs, policymakers, HR Professionals, and workers across the globe to help navigate COVID-19. America’s workforce is resilient and together we will create what the new future of work looks like. To read the full article, click on this link:

Do you have millennials at your organizations? Many say they are struggling more to work from home despite technical prowess, they are finding remote work difficult with the family pressures, roommates, and stress. To read more about this, go to this link

As you negotiate these upcoming months, please remember to connect with other CCSHRM members, and find out what is working (or not working) for them. As a network of HR Professionals, business owners, and employers, we can lean on each other and draw upon the strengths of one another.

We all know this is a challenging time. Political divisiveness is common. Economic gaps get wider. And people are on edge over the health and economic impact of a new virus. Scientific studies show that when employees feel a sense of trust with their employer, it creates happiness that translates into kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, social relationships, mindfulness, and awe.

It is our responsibility to make sure we invest in people, live up to their strong ideals and create an environment where every individual can thrive. People are the only asset in a company that appreciates over time. The longer employees work for you, the deeper their skills, the better they understand the products and services and the more relationships they have within the company.

We may not agree on everything, but there is a lot we can agree on — above all, focus on trust, kindness, forgiveness, and generosity.

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

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