President’s Message – February 2022

Dear Members,

Entering our 3rd year of this pandemic, I believe Human Resources is more important than ever before.  Supporting our teams, whether remotely or in-person, ensuring new hires are expertly trained, caring about those affected in a personal way by the pandemic, is on all of our shoulders.
But what about you?  The man behind the mask?  What are you doing to take care of you?
Take time for yourself, find an outlet for your thoughts and emotions, a way to decompress.  You can only be as helpful to others as you are good to yourself, and it’s important to remember that you matter too.  So many times, we are thrown new tasks and treated like robots, like we don’t have feelings, but that’s not reality.  We need to speak up and let others know we need help, or that we can’t do it all.   Now more than ever, we are pulled in so many different directions, and we need to ensure those pulls aren’t pulling us apart.
Here are a few ways that will allow you to take time for yourself, and give you the outlet you need to continue taking care of others:

  • Buy tickets to an event in advance
  • Set your alarm to ensure you leave work on time
  • Make a habit to exercise
  • Take an adult education class
  • Take a night off for yourself
  • Plant a garden
  • Volunteer
  • Eat lunch alone
  • Challenge yourself to read a book you’ve put off

I know how hard it can be to focus just on you, with everyone else in your life relying on you as well.  Often times we feel like we’re being selfish or the guilt is too much to follow through with plans.  Without self-care you are not giving your full self to all those others who rely on you.  Your guilt will turn to disdain and contempt.  So, carve some time for you, make it a habit, and relieve the stress you’ve built up inside.

Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing everyone in person very soon.

Melissa Sing, President 
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