President’s Message – April 2021

Happy April! Spring is here.

We all look forward to Spring to do cleaning and enjoy the fresh new blooming of flowers and trees! Since we are still currently living in the COVID 19 aftershocks. It is very important we all stay informed through our local chapter website, for upcoming webinars and legal legislation updates for what current HR professionals are looking forward to upcoming changes.

We had our first virtual Workplace Conference last month in March which was a big success! Our HR community professional had nothing but positive to say for our first virtual conference ever held at CCSHRM. The event itself was a great time to meet and assist many of the Human Resources professionals virtually in our area and went off without a hitch. However, what I continue to reflect on is the wonderful teamwork exhibited by our volunteers who made the event truly come alive. So, thank you once again to everyone who volunteered and participated in our event. Nothing great is ever done alone, it always “takes a village” as the old saying goes. Additionally, videos are being edited, please check Whova to view them.

A successful business would operate in a same fashion in relation to teamwork and patience for staying together during these times of change. We are starting to see our community opening and getting closer to a normal state. We will keep everyone informed once we start meeting in person. It may start with hybrid meetings, meaning both online and in person, before we go full in person.

Please stay tuned to upcoming news!

Cheers to all of you and your hard work! Hang in there, we are all in this together! We will slowly get to normal state of business soon.

Rachna Singh, President 
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