President’ Message- June 2018

From Tossing Your Cap To Submitting Your Resume- The Millennials Enter the Workforce

It is graduation season! Congratulations to all the awardees who are now taking their next steps into college, graduate school, and the workforce! I cannot believe it has been a year since my daughter graduated with her bachelor’s degree!

My daughter is a millennial, and this generation is having quite the effect on the workforce. Millennial’s generation are years 1980- 1995 and are the most non- traditional in their job search for employment. As professionals, we should be aware of what these individuals are looking for in employers. In your next hire of a millennial, be mindful of the following:

#1: “I’m Working 9 to 5”

You won’t find the Millennial generation singing this tune. Research has shown that Millennial’s prefer a hybrid work schedule. Half day of work in the office, the other half working from home. Or even working 3 days at home and the other 2 in the office. Google has been offering the benefit of telecommuting to employees for years. If you find there is opportunity for this benefit, try it out!

#2: “With a Purpose”

Millennials prefer to work for an organization whose mission they truly believe in. Most begin their job search for non- profits, as the missions for these employers clearly state why the business exists. Think about your mission and how it states what your company’s overall goal is. Is this a statement that will attract the next workforce?

#3: “Growing… Growing… Growing… Gone”

Millennials search to learn and grow within a company. They do not enjoy staying stagnant in their tasks. And as soon as they believe that they are “stuck”, research shows these individuals will waste no time in changing employers. I encourage conversation with your employees and offering them task variety when appropriate.

Yes, Millennials differ quite substantially from generations before them, especially in the workforce. But applying these tips in your next hire, may not only be beneficial to the company, but also to the company’s Millennial workforce.

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