There is Plenty to be Thankful for in 2017

As I prepare for the end of my journey as chapter president, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this year. Hmm…after further review perhaps it was more of a rollercoaster ride with plenty of twists and turns rather than a journey.

The year started with unbridled exuberance as I returned from the SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit in D.C. with so many wonderful ideas that I had learned about and felt would benefit our chapter.  I can vividly remember convening the board one evening for long strategic planning session to set our course for the year.

Our journey included stops in Memberville, where we saw the population of our chapter grow to its highest total in years at 205. Our next stop was Technologyville, where we committed to improving the chapter’s website and in July it became a reality moving to our new Member Vue platform. Finally, we headed for the Land of Engagement, where we searched for great programs and events to bring to back our membership. Our visit proved successful as our meeting attendance figures and post program responses were constantly strong and positive.

As with any journey there were unexpected twists and turns which caused us to change course which left us unable to visit Conferenceville or Certificatonville this year but thanks to the great team of board members that joined me on this journey we were able to navigate to a successful finish.

It has been an extreme pleasure serving the chapter as president. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful team of board members that were instrumental making the year successful. So as I bid farewell, I want to say thank you for the board members that demonstrated great commitment, dedication, perseverance, and trust to stay the course . It was truly a TEAM effort. During this time of year when many reflect on what they are thankful for, I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve with a great team and would like to recognize them publicly: Jan Harrold, Dennis Claborn, Shalon Anderson, Courtney Madding, Mike Garcia, Monty Montgomery, Julie Ashley, Monique Gutierrez, Jonathan Holt and Larissa Vossenkemper.

Looking forward to see what’s in store for Central California SHRM in 2018!

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